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M/s UZMA, Malaysia

Uzma is an international Oil & Gas Service company providing an array of services to the upstream sector across the exploration, development and production phases. It is involved in the provision of oil and gas geoscience, and reservoir engineering services; provision of oil and gas drilling services, and provision of oil and gas project operation services.
Uzma offers Reservoir Characterization services, advanced production enhancement systems and management systems, advanced stratigraphic well correlation, drilling project services management as well as complete laboratory testing and analysis. In specific, Uzma has its own technology of CEOR (Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery). The Company is also involved in secondary and supporting activities, such as oil and gas engineer and personnel placement, and management systems.

Global initiative from Uzma is based on Smedvig Technologies.

M/s Fracture Technologies Limited, UK

Fracture Technologies specialises in frac treatment design, field execution and evaluation. The company has more than 17 years of experience worldwide and bases a treatment design on sound reservoir engineering data. Services provided by Fracture Technologies provide

Well Evaluation, Fracture Treatment Design, Post - Frac Evaluation, WellWhiz, Fracture Confinement and Orientation, Offshore job execution, Cuttings Re-injection.

A full hydraulic fracture design package including reservoir appraisal and economics forecast can be provided. The Fracture Technologies team ensures optimum Well stimulation.

M/s KEI Group

Trisun Energy is a Technical profit share partner acting as Operator to the KEI Group for 8 gas fields in Andhra Pradesh and 3 fields in Cauvery.

M/s Deep Industries

Trisun Energy is a Consultant to Deep Industries for their 3 fields - Ghotaru, Kharatar and Bankia.

M/s Object Reservoir and its Smart Network Team Partners

Trisun Energy and Object Reservoir are working actively with M/s GSPCL on their KG Basin discovery.